Low vision and blindness

What people with low vision or blindness have to say

  • WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey #5 – includes quantitative and qualitative research directly from people using screen readers on how the web is doing (as of 2014)
  • What I learned by going blind by Ingrid Ricks on Salon talks about retinitis pigmentosa. I don’t condone of her approach to her doctor’s advice, but it’s her life to live.
  • The Things You Don’t See by a 21-year-old woman going blind is a blog where she discusses her experiences in life and answers questions on tumblr.

Design tips and guidelines


Find the Invisible Cow is a web-based game that only uses audio to play.

Independence Day by Jennifer Warnick is about a prototype technology that uses wireless beacons and on-bone headphones to help blind participants navigate an area near Reading, UK. The technology is a partnership between Microsoft and Guide Dogs, a local charity.

“For me as a designer of interaction whose focus is always about the quality of the human experience, I found out very early on that if you want to understand something, you go to the extreme cases and try to understand things at the edges. In nearly all cases, what you learn people need while you’re there will also apply to the general population.”
Bill Buxton, Microsoft