Now on The Interconnected: You are not “The Guy”

“The Guy” is a concept I heard about years ago. The Guy is that one person that the company absolutely cannot live without — The Guy cleans up the messes, works incredible hours, fixes things no one else can fix, and is indispensable. If The Guy is on vacation, work doesn’t get done. If The Guy gets sick, or has a family emergency, no one’s sure how to pick up The Guy’s work.

Thing is, no company over a certain size should have a The Guy. I’ve seen many situations over the years where The Guy was the result of a manager who didn’t want to staff up or provide adequate support, which forced The Guy develop. I’ve also seen many situations where people made themselves The Guy by putting so much personal pressure on themselves that they became The Guy just because.

Neither of those is healthy. My July 12 post on The Interconnected explains why, and what to do about it.

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Now on The Interconnected: Cuckoos and connections

I am honored to be the author of the first post on a new website, The Interconnected. Styled a bit after The Pastry Box and a bit after goals of our own, Dylan Wilbanks, Elaine Nelson, and I built The Interconnected to be a place to discuss how we connect to each other and how, as connected people, we tie into the web. You can read more about our goals.

My first post, Cuckoos and Connections, discusses the expectations that we set for each other — and the way that every one of us, in some way, breaks someone else’s expectations.

Now on A List Apart: Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, we all had problems trying to figure out what the best way to set context for communications were. Then one woman noticed that we could use the format of a good old fashioned fairy tale to introduce basic storytelling skills that provide succinct and clear messages to our peers. She wrote a story about it for A List Apart, and there it garnered a reasonable amount of acclaim and interest.

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