I am an Information Architect and UX Designer with a demonstrated record of designing business-to-business, consumer finance, and design systems, as well as organizing intranet resources. I make existing website easier to use, create structures for new sites, organize your tools and design systems, and mentor your junior designers so they have the skills necessary to do the same.

I believe in data-informed responsive design and a content-first approach. I prefer to start a project at “What is the business problem?” and follow through to elevation, but if I can’t, I prefer prototyping in HTML to flat designs, and process design to content sites. I prefer being a team member and mentor to managing staff. I passionately advocate for accessibility. I believe in establishing design standards, documenting best practices, and creating effective design processes.


  • I currently lead the UX work on the design system at Boomi, providing our employees, vendors, and partners with the tools necessary to upgrade our product base to a consistent, responsive, accessible, performant platform
  • I teach basic usability, architecture, and visual design skills to non-designers. I speak on the topic of Accessibility and have developer a deck of cards to assist UX designers with thinking through accessible personas.
  • I teach basic usability, architecture, and visual design skills to non-designers. I speak on the topic of Accessibility. Here at Perpendicular Angel Design, I’ve developed presentations, workshops and a card deck of accessibility personas around An Alphabet of Accessibility.
  • I redesigned Boomi’s API Management service, taking it from version 1.0 to 2.0, including the addition of gateway and developer portal products. I lead a UX design project team, where we performed research and design for 3 Agile teams.This overhaul was performed under tight deadlines and intense scrutiny.
  • I provided Boomi’s Community and Documentation teams with wireframes for each of their content-heavy products to ensure that their vendors not only understood our user goals and branding needs, but also that our customers would be provided with the positive experiences they deserved.
  • At Vanguard, I integrated the new process steps required by Cost Basis legislation into four transactional systems (mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and bulk transactions) for users under tight deadlines and a shifting legal landscape. I led the design effort for two Agile teams and ensured that the behavior was consistent across all four applications.
  • I redesigned Vanguard’s IT division’s budgeting software to account for project demand, headcount, and chargebacks across six subdivisions.