Now on The Interconnected: Dismantling an investment market: Patreon’s fees

Sometimes companies go down a path that significantly alters the structure of what they do and how they do it.

Sometimes they do it well, and sometimes they do it poorly.

In Dismantling an investment market: Patreon’s fees, I look at some basic info about how investing works (because working at Vanguard for 16 years did teach me a few things about the business, even if I am definitely not an investment advisor and you should talk to one of them before ever listening to me). I use the models of mutual funds and stocks to analyze what Patreon chose to do with their business (and then undo) and offer my own take on why it’s just a bad idea.

Now on The Interconnected: We didn’t have these problems when I was your age, before you stepped on my lawn


You know, buying software is actually harder than it’s been most of the time that I’ve been using computers.

I’m not saying I prefer the limitations of floppy disks, especially the physical limitations of their fragility.

I am saying that after buying Microsoft Word for the Mac, I earned a good rant.

We didn’t have these problems when I was your age, before you stepped on my lawn.

Now on The Interconnected: Page Integrity Testing

One of the least-talked-about responsibilities of UX Designers (in part because not all of us are required to do it, or do it well) is testing pages in the Quality Assurance (QA) stage before they go to production.

I’m working with three different teams to test our pages for three different projects, so I’m pretty knee-deep in testing right now. The result? Page Integrity Testing, three tips for helping developers help me produce quality products. (Or three tips for helping me help developers produce quality products. We’re all in this together.)