An Event Apart Seattle 2017: The Joy of Optimizing by Una Kravets

Una’s presentation centered around raster graphics and how they can be better optimized. Though she doesn’t go into it in detail, the implications of poorly-optimized raster images are costly: they tend to be large files, costing our users money in data fees (if on a price-per-MB connection) and time (if on a slow connection) as well as storage and other less-concerning issues.

For the application-heavy work that I tend to do in my day job (my wheelhouse is enterprise web app information architecture) I’m better off with SVG vector images for most uses than raster — iconography is better suited to vector for a number of reasons.

But ooh boy do I have some work to do for my personal WordPress sites. Continue reading

Now on The Interconnected: Baggage Fees and Gaming the System

I went to An Event Apart in Seattle! If you want to see the notes from that, well, they’re posted all over here too. (I’ve got two sessions and a workshop to go!)

But if you want to hear my observations about baggage fees and and how airline design decisions have slowly turned us into people willing to make our own flights later than usual, you want to read my article on The Interconnected.


An Event Apart Seattle 2017: Design for Real Life by Eric Meyer

Eric Meyer has been speaking on the subject of making our designs more human and more robust for a number of years now, through discussions about designing for crisis. This year his talk was about Design for Real Life. He co-authored a book with the same name with Sara Wachter-Bettcher, and it stands as one of the most important books in the field of User Experience Design. Continue reading

An Event Apart Seattle 2017: Designing with Grid by Jen Simmons

Jen Simmons’ talk picked up essentially where Rachel’s left off, filling in a lot of the blanks that we might’ve had around CSS Grid, while also stressing that the new layout options will change how we approach the web as significantly as 25 years of filmmaking affected the film industry.

She also covers some of the core concepts of visual design as codified in the last century of graphic design and similar fields. For those of us who aren’t visual design workers on a regular basis, these are some very useful guides. Continue reading

An Event Apart 2017: New CSS Layout Meets the Real World by Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew’s presentation was all about CSS Grid. It was fantastic, very enlightening, and let’s be honest here, I only captured really about a third of it in the notes because otherwise I would have had to screen capture like every side and by that point you have no reason to go see it yourself.

Go see it yourself.

Oh and you’ll notice that Rachel’s one of those speakers who is so well-rehearsed she can set up tweets on a timer to go out during her presentation, which she did, so they’re in here too.

Meantime, here’s what we’ve got. Continue reading