An Event Apart DC 2018: Inclusive UX: Techniques for Everyone by Derek Featherstone

Derek Featherstone is one of my favorite speakers when it comes to inclusive design and accessibility. As seen in the previous talks the discussion about accessible websites has been shifting from focusing only on the “accessibility” portion to focusing on the inclusive design techniques necessary to get us to accessible sites. In this talk, Derek covers the importance of inclusive design and the follows up with issues to look for so that you produce designs usable for everyone.

One thing that stood out in Derek’s talk as compared to Dan Moll’s is that Derek sees a lot of value in using up-front design techniques as conversation starters instead of using the code as the conversation starter. Personally, I agree with him – it’s easier for me to throw out a wireframe than a developer to throw out code.

Or maybe it’s just that if we’re in the stage where I’m making a lot of the decisions, I should also be the one remaking the artifacts as a result.

(pdf backup)

(This is a few seconds longer than the clip that Derek showed.)

If you want to read more about the oranges, NPR covered it.