An Event Apart OT 2021: Accessible Data and Sound by Regine Gilbert

Next up is Regine Gilbert presenting on Accessible Data and Sound. Her presentation is much more in the style of an academic conference — which isn’t a bad thing! It’s nice to see the rigor in the process she’s describing! But it did make taking notes a little more challenging because she had lots of great information per slide.

Because this year I used Twitter’s threading / topics feature, it’s giving me 2 tweets in each embed I do here. I’m embedding every other tweet for readability. There’s a PDF at the bottom of the page in case this all collapses.

The first sentence of the next tweet is “The next eclipse is going to be 5 minutes and 17 second long, and animals will think that it’s night.

Damn you, autocorrect.

Here’s a PDF of this post (which might not be accessible because I’m using print-to-PDF to generate it, my apologies) in case Twitter kicks it and all the tweets disappear. An Event Apart OT 2021 Accessible Data and Sound by Regine Gilbert – Perpendicular Angel Design