IA Summit 2018: Sort It Out! Collaborative Ways to Use Card Sorting by Ania Mastalerz

Ania Mastalerz works for Optimal Workshop, a company that offers an online card sorting tool (among others). It’s another 20-minute talk.

I heard a few folks mumbling about how, since Optimal Workshop is a sponsor and this presentation was heavy on things that their tool can do, it must be a product placement talk. But frankly, I took home more skills I could immediately apply to my job from this talk than most of the rest.

Don’t underestimate the power of the card sort, is what I’m saying.

Or IA even. The concentration on artificial intelligence this week occasionally threw my typing off.

Also, right about here I tried experimenting with threading my tweets by replying to myself. A) Didn’t do much for the process, and B has made all the tweets extra large in the notes. So I’m glad I didn’t do it for long.