Now on The Interconnected: Baggage fees and gaming the system

Written before United tried to tear a guy off an airplane, my latest post on The Interconnected, Baggage fees and gaming the system¬†covers some of the impacts of baggage fees on the behavior of United’s user base (aka the customers flying on the plane). I hope you enjoy it. Or are horrified by the airline industry. Either works.

Now on The Interconnected: Baggage Fees and Gaming the System

I went to An Event Apart in Seattle! If you want to see the notes from that, well, they’re posted all over here too. (I’ve got two sessions and a workshop to go!)

But if you want to hear my observations about baggage fees and and how airline design decisions have slowly turned us into people willing to make our own flights later than usual, you want to read my article on The Interconnected.


Now on The Interconnected: Black is the New Black: Navigating in Black and White

My March 25 post on The Interconnected is about a disturbing trend I recently noticed in website navigation. Everything’s gone black and white.

Well, dark grey and white.

And that’s fine if you don’t need anyone to figure out what’s clickable on your website, but, well, we invented the hyperlink for a reason, and the reason wasn’t “to make you stab wildly at a page until you¬†figure out what’s interactive”.

Go check it out.