Me (working on a month 3 of the same huge prototype): OK, so I need this cell to be 110px wide…

Internet Explorer 8: OH HAI I see you want this last cell to be 110px wide. I can do that no problem but first Imma gonna shift the contents of the cell to align left, mmkay?

Me: What?!? No!

Internet Explorer 8: Yup.

Me: Okaaaaay, what if I add a class=”right”, will you put it back?

IE8: Nuh uh.

Me: Align right? tbody class=”right”?


Me: (searches web frantically….) OK, this makes NO sense, but this cell’s in a table with a width of 100%…. so if I set the width of the cell to 13% instead of 110 px…?

IE8: Hey, I see you want to make the width of this cell 13% so Imma gonna put this cell back to right alignment, mmkay?

Me: I hate you.