An Event Apart 2017: New CSS Layout Meets the Real World by Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew’s presentation was all about CSS Grid. It was fantastic, very enlightening, and let’s be honest here, I only captured really about a third of it in the notes because otherwise I would have had to screen capture like every side and by that point you have no reason to go see it yourself.

Go see it yourself.

Oh and you’ll notice that Rachel’s one of those speakers who is so well-rehearsed she can set up tweets on a timer to go out during her presentation, which she did, so they’re in here too.

Meantime, here’s what we’ve got.

An Event Apart 2017 New CSS Layout Meets the Real World by Rachel Andrew (pdf)

fr stands for “fraction” – if you have a row that contains two cells and each of them is sized at 1 fr, they’ll split the space as 50% each.

CSS Grid Garden: for learning CSS Grid.

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