An Event Apart 2017: Onboarding for any situation by Krystal Higgins

Krystal Higgins presented on what it means to onboard users to your website, how long that process lasts, and how we can make it more successful. She draws some of her research on the process of onboarding new hires at companies, which is a pretty nifty analogy.

She also had a piece of foam board that she passed around so we could write down how and when we thought our companies/applications stopped the onboarding process on the web, thus gathering data while providing it!

An Event Apart 2017 Onboarding for any situation by Krystal Higgins (pdf)

I can’t help but wonder what the mail will look like  if/when they redesign and rebrand for the Verizon / AOL / Yahoo! = Oath! merger.

Even weaverbirds need to learn not to suck! It’s not just us!

And since those tweets above make almost no sense without the slide…

The 1/3 number is after 24 hours, which is pretty mean of our brains if you ask me. It also explains why a week of spring break can totally destroy the momentum a teacher has in a semester of teaching concepts that build on each other.

Reframing and repetition are so so important.



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