An Event Apart 2017: Practical Branding by Sarah Parmenter

Sarah Parmenter’s talk was about branding and how, because so many of our sites look almost indistinguishable, brands aren’t as strong on the web as they once were.

The work that I do is more form and app related, but Sarah’s talk made me really think about the ways that I might be able to enforce the brand from within a form/app related website. So that’s a good thing. Plus, I have other project sites where a strong brand would probably be a really good thing :)

An Event Apart 2017 Practical Branding by Sarah Parmenter (pdf)

Sara made a point here that we fall back on tools like The Golden Ratio to explain our design decisions, but we have to be honest about the fact that those tools aren’t the be-all and end-all of the decisions. (But I missed it in the tweets.)


(Una tells us later that the gradients can also be a great way to save on file size too. Notes to come!)

I don’t think that it’s coincidental that this is consistent advice between Jeffrey Zeldman and Sarah Parmenter. The people who have been at your company the longest are the ones that have most likely most internalized the beliefs, behaviors, goals, and culture of the organization. Their voice is authentic.

Also check out Krystal Higgins’ sketch notes from the talk.

Notes by Luke Wroblewski

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