Now on The Pastry Box: Cultures of Learning (and a tribute to Oliver Sacks)

For my September column on The Pastry Box, I wrote about learning, our role in it as designers, and Oliver Sacks.

This post was written the Sunday before my Thursday slot, not long after I learned that Dr. Oliver Sacks, the neurologist and author, had died of cancer.

It was written after a night of wild dreams regarding immortality and the quest for it – and the consequences of achieving it. (That one is going to be a wild ride of a short story some day.)

It was also written after I was up way too late watching TED talks with my husband about learning and addiction and all kinds of other things.

And all of that was after a day filled with pinball, yard work, and dinner with a close friend.

The best days are the days when my brain blends together a dozen different unrelated thoughts and knits them together into something with a little bit of meaning. I hope you find this to be one of those.